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Tower Garden


Aeroponic growing for any gardener!

Click here learn about our Grow With EUS initiative to bring awareness about the issues of food security by adding more STEM and agriculture in the classroom!

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What is a Tower Garden?

The Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical growing system that uses an advanced form of hydroponics, known as aeroponics, to grow plants without soil.  Using only water and a specific nutrient blend, tower gardeners can grow clean, fresh produce just about anywhere!


  • No digging, weeding, tilling, kneeling, 

  • BPA-free, USDA food-grade resin= safety & durability

  • Grow up to 28 plants in one Tower Garden or add extensions for even more fresh produce

  • Fresh food at your fingertips

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Food Security

Ra Psychle uses Tower Gardens as part of our ongoing initiative to increase awareness about food insecurity.  In this effort we feed, educate, and empower our community by increasing access to fresh healthy locally grown foods. 

Click here to learn more about our food security initiative and how you can become involved by sponsoring or hosting a Tower Garden.

  • Uses 90% less water and space than traditional growing

  • Increases yield by about 30%

  • Grows plants up to 3x faster

  • Expandable for large or smaller growing operations

Teaching Towers


  • Perfect for classrooms/greenhouses or anywhere

  • Great for hands-on gardening with youth

  • Mobile gardening year round

  • Expandable for any size garden program or project


Featured in

Tower Garden HOME

Easily grow up to 32 plants such as greens and herbs.  Wheeled base for added convenience.

Tower Garden FLEX

Grow up to 20 herbs, fruits, flowers, and larger plants with the FLEX!

Tower Garden

One Tower not enough?  Get 3 with the FAMILY garden, and grow up to 84 plants!


Tower Garden COMMUNITY Garden

Feed the needs of your community!  Grow up to 336 plants with this integrated system. Perfect for schools, community centers, restaurants, non-profits and more!

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