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Wellness Wednesday: Busy Bodies

Each day #RAKids meet at the Webb Center and quickly transition into a series of student-led yoga routines. Since the program's inception, youth have learned and engaged in this ancient practice in attempts to reap its many physical and spiritual benefits. Though many believe traditional practices originated in India about 5,000 years ago, yoga actually dates back much further, to around 10,000 BC in ancient Egypt, then called 'Kemet'. In Sanskrit, “yoga” means to unite the idividual with the cosmic. Kemetic yoga, known as Smai-Tawi, is the understanding that individual realities we are experiencing are just a tiny reflection of our nature and universe; the union of the lower and higher self.

Each pose is designed to help regulate respiratory and brain functions, improve circulation and digestion, and promote calmness and clarity as youth interact within the program and transition home. Continued practice promotes flexibility, which helps improve balance and coordination as youth move about their daily lives and engage in physical activities. Studies have shown regular practice can have positive benefits throughout the life span.

Please visit our website to contribute yoga mat(s) or supplies for other group activities, learn more about our programs and ways you can #GrowWithUs.


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