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Tech-🚫 Tuesday: Fall Garden Prep

On this beautiful Tuesday afternoon in autumn #RAKids participated in “tech-no” time, when they explored the world without being tethered to modern technology. Technology is generally defined as the techniques (or study and evolution of techniques/“knowledge”) which help humans solve problems. Technological advances have evolved from primitive hand tools into the micro-chip computers currently in use in many if not all parts of our daily lives.

No screens, no devices, no cords, just spending time unplugged making fun discoveries! Today we spent a little extra time cleaning up our watermelon patch at the Webb Center. This tiny treasure trove has been quite the labor of love all summer as the youth have battled pests, weather systems, and human encounters which have challenged the growth of their plants. But just like kids, plants are resilient too! We added more compost around the roots of the vining plants in the garden bed, pulled out shriveled shoots, and carefully placed vines out of the walkway where they will hopefully continue to nourish these tiny fruits of #RAKids’ labor.

Take a look at what they’ve grown:

While completing garden chores, the youth brainstormed and discussed ways they could use technology to help their plants survive the upcoming winter. They noted that even thiugh their first fruit off the vine didn’t survive to maturity, it still produced seeds which are a great start to next season’s crop!

Follow us for more “Tech-🚫 Tuesday” exciting explorations with #RAKids!


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