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Saved by Grace: 09.21.2020

Introducing Victoria and Vivica! That's right, we named our cucumber babies! While we absolutely love vertical aeroponic gardening, cucumbers have been quite the challenge to grow in the TG this summer. We have fought off vine borers, chased the sun, and repurposed household items for the plant to trellis upon. It has produced leaves larger than our heads and flowers on the vines from end to end, but not one fruit yet! We had almost decided to throw in the towel, pull the cucumber plant, and call it a done deal. Then this afternoon while trimming the tomato plant, which is still producing but struggling with caterpillars, we noticed these tiny beauties. These small but mighty fruits are evidence of the power of a little faith and a whole lot of grace.

Takeaways: Be gracious to others, as often as you can. Remember to give yourself a little grace also. Count every blessing, large and small. Faith and a little grace will yield an abundant harvest.

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