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National Seed Swap Day: January 25, 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

On the last Saturday in January, the diversity of food life is celebrated by sharing seeds with neighbors on National Seed Swap Day. Growers of all kinds gather to exchange seeds and discuss gardening, expectantly awaiting the first signs of spring.

This time of year is also considered an ideal time to begin planting indoors in order to produce strong seedlings for timely transplanting outside. A variety of herbs and crops can be grown and/or started indoors in preparation for spring planting. Visit and enter your zip code to find planting guides for your area.

If you’re in the RA Psychle neighborhood, please stop by The Webb Community Center, located at 127 Pleasant Street in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas to pick up a FREE seed packet (while supplies last).

Please visit and join us as we continue our local urban gardening efforts. You can also find gardening tips, healthy recipes, event information and more.

Thank you for your participation with National Seed Swap Day. Our bees at RA Psychle Apiary will BEE very thankful!

Happy Planting, and check back often for SWEET information and announcements. 2020 honey flows expected to begin mid-April.

This National Seed Swap Day event is sponsored by RA Psychle Lawn Care. See lawn care prices and specials on our website,

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