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Keeping The Dream Alive

This week at RA Psychle, youth have been studying the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in honor of his 91st birthday. We watched a portion of his well-known “I Have A Dream” speech, and talked about the kids’ dreams for the future and their world.

Our discussion continued as we made dreamcatchers. Given only the instruction that the dreamcatcher should reflect each individual’s dreams, many youth chose “rainbow” colors to represent Dr. King’s idea that diversity should be welcomed and all people treated with kindness. One student described the interwoven strings in the dreamcatcher’s center as how we are all inter-connected and important to our world.

Dr. King’s dream world is much closer to reality today than in his lifetime, but there is still and will always be more work to do in this effort. We can all learn more, do more, love more. To honor and further his legacy everyday: embrace diversity, be kind, and help others.

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