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Just. Keep. Growing.

After all of the activities of the weekend, I was even more grateful to be able to return to my garden, my place of solace.  Right now like many gardeners, I am growing a few cold hardy crops and overwintering several cold sensitive plants indoors, anxiously waiting to move things back outside.

Sunday evening I had the opportunity to share about my Tower Gardens with some teacher friends.  The next morning I noticed the most vibrant white blooms as these strawberries from last summer are now blooming, indoors!  I am prayerful to get these amazing aeroponic vertical growing systems into more classrooms this Spring…I am claiming it in fact!

The highlight of the day was my visit to my hives where I was so elated to find my honeybees bustling and bringing in loads of much pollen! In our area (7b) we have experienced warmer than usual temperatures over December and January. At this time of year beekeepers are reporting cedar pollen being brought into their hives by foragers on warm days, sometimes causing their heads or other parts of their bodies to be covered in this whitish-yellow powdery substance. The bees are possibly also bringing in powdered sugar from artificial feeders as food sources while blooms are still relatively scarce. I briefly thought about wheeling my TG outside to the hives as the bees are much better pollinators than I am, but I will keep things inside a little longer. 

To top off the day I received an unexpected, thoughtful gift from my Mother-in-Love— a reminder to “just keep growing”.  It was right on time!

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings experiencing all of these signs of faithfulness!  Just. Keep. Growing.

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