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Hello Spring! You’re looking “bee-u-tiful”!

In this first official week of spring in our area, signs of spring are peeking out everywhere! From wildflower blooms to tiny creatures, life is emerging all around after the long cold winter.

These first flowers of the season are not only a welcome and long-awaited sight for humans, they are more importantly a critical source of sustenance for honeybees and other pollinator species which are integral to the entire life cycle of our world. Honeybees in particular use the pollen from flowers as a vital source of protein to strengthen them and their developing larvae. The early nectar flows gives bees energy. Both pollen and nectar, along with water, are exactly what bees need to produce honey. So, consider leaving these patches of wildflowers as long as you can— the bees will be pleased!

Check out our BEE-U-Niversal Collection to support our pollinator awareness and conservation efforts, or CashApp: $RAGrow to help support our growing apiary!

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