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Fly High, Little Birds!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This morning while preparing to water the plants in our nursery we again heard from our visiting baby birds who were busily chirping in their nest. We went to investigate and look what we found:

It’s amazing how much more they’ve developed since our last peek just days ago! Their feathers more fully resemble their parents’, which we were able to get brief and blurry glimpses of this morning too as they came and went bringing food to the baby birds, just as they do each morning and all day since the chicks have hatched. Although they looked much more like their parents, the tiny birds still seemed too young to venture out yet. Or, so we thought.

Mere moments later, the nest was empty. All of the baby birds are gone! The nest doesn’t appear damaged or disturbed. What might have happened?

#RAKids hypothesized that perhaps some of the commotion this morning that we thought was just the parents coming and going, might actually have been the baby birds testing their wings for the first time. We may have witnessed a family of tiny avians taking their first flights this morning! We wish these little chicks the best as they venture out into the world!

We are so glad we were able to capture this short video of the chicks just before they left the nest, and we’re happy to share it with you!

Did you hear the chirping in the background? That’s the mother bird calling to her babies! We’ve observed this behavior several times during their stay, and many times the parents come closer and become more determined to clear us away from their nest. Today though, the parents stayed at a distance, gently and constantly speaking encouragement, aiding their chicks on their first flight like the wind beneath their wings. Today in our neighborhood, it’s a beautiful day and we are so thankful for the abundance and diversity of life in our community, our world. We value and are committed to living in harmony. We are blessed to able to observe the universe in all it’s wonders!

Check our events page for more exciting observations and opportunities for learning and GROWING! Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP 2020) scheduled to begin Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Contact us for more info!

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