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October Flower of the Month: Cosmos and Marigolds

Updated: Mar 22

The month of October ushers in darker shades typically associated with fall. But the flowers that represent this month are bursting with color and cultural significance.

Cosmos flowers with visiting pollinators

Cosmos are symmetrically shaped flowers with yellow centers which can occur in white, pale pink, lavender, and bright yellow hues. They were first cultivated by Spanish missionaries in Mexico, and loved for their evenly placed petals. When given as a gift, cosmos carry well wishes of order and harmony to the recipient.

Marigolds, various colors

Marigolds, occurring in golden yellow, burnt orange, and blood red, are often used to commemorate the life of loved one who has passed on. The colors of its blooms represent sun rays, or the light path which guides those in the afterlife. These colors are also thought to represent the rising sun, a symbol of resurrection.

In November in many Hispanic communities, marigolds are placed on altars and gravesides along with favorite foods, photos, and other trinkets in honor of the deceased. This festival, known as Dia de los Muertos, is not a somber time, but rather an annual ceremony celebrating and strengthening the connections between the living and their ancestors.

Mural of marigolds and other flowers for Dia de los Muertos

Happy Birthday to all of our friends celebrating another year of life this month!



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