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March Flower of the Month:Daffodil & Jonquil

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The month of March recognizes the daffodil and jonquil. Though they belong to the same family, these flowers vary in size, petal and leaf shape.

“Daffodil” is actually a fictitious name for the flower’s botanical name, Narcissus, Greek for narcotic, referring to the flower’s alkaloid sedative properties. Daffodil flowers are often larger than jonquils.

Jonquils (shown below) are another variety of the Narcissus flowering plant whose blooms are often smaller and differently colored than their daffodil relatives. Annual festivals are held in Hope, Arkansas and Smyrna, Georgia to celebrate the Jonquils’ arrival, which also signifies the arrival of Spring.

Giving flowers from the daffodil family means wishing someone “joy forever”.

Happy Birthday to all our friends celebrating another year of life this month!

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