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December Flower of the Month: Holly Flower and Paperwhite Narcissus

Flowering plants may be scarce during the colder month of December, but those associated with this month are a striking contrast to a drab landscape. The Holly bush doesn’t actually flower but instead produces small red “berries” (toxic to humans) which are food for many foraging animals. Deer tend to stray away from this plant due to the sharp points on its leaves, making it an ideal evergreen to add to any garden. The Holly symbolizes wishes for a happy household, thus very fitting for the last month in anticipation of the coming new year!

Narcissus is actually a family name for many bell-shaped flowers including the daffodil. But it is the “paperwhite” variety that is associated with the month of December. The he paperwhite narcissus is said to convey contentment and adoration for one’s love, signifying that you want them to stay just the way they are.

Happy birthday to our friends born during this month!

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